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What’s in bloom in December?

Just a look at the most recent shots: Taken on December 1, 2021. Since March 27, I have seen and photographed at least one Monarch Butterfly in each of the following months in 2021. And that just doesn’t seem right…

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Agalinis species found on my way to cast my ballot . . .

November 2nd, 2021, was a primary election day where I live. I decided to carry my camera in order to get some better photos of the first species shown below. Good enough for positive identification, if nothing else. On the other side of the draw, along the actual hike and dog walk bathroom trail, found […]

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Old man’s beard

Last September, the bulldozers came and razed a 19 acre plot of land that was for sale. Along with it went any number of wildflowers, including a healthy stand of Old Man’s Beard, aka Texas Virgin’s Bower, and other native and a few invasive plants. recently I came upon a female C. drummondii wending its […]

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A possible explanation to Monarchs’ dallying around Texas this year

This article came up in my newsfeed recently,. It suggests  why some Monarch butterflies seem to be hanging around Texas this year – the popularity of Tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica). The article further goes on to explain that ” Tropical milkweed becomes a problem when planted in temperate areas where it does not die back […]

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Monarchs and Queens

This year has been a strange one for Monarchs in my backyard. Usually I just get a few Monarchs passing through in the Spring and Fall Monarch migrations. My geographic location is on the Southern edge of the pathway usually taken as the Monarchs pass from Mexico into Texas, mostly between Del rio and Eagle […]

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A global resource

Who would have guessed it? There is now a checklist for all the vascular plants on the globe. Actually, probably many folks could have guessed it – this is what the internet was invented for, not for sharing cute kitten pictures on Facebook or Instagram (sorry, don’t mean to offend anyone. I like cute kitten […]

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August: the heat goes on… But if you plant it, they will come.

But not as hot here in Central Texas as it is elsewhere, and not as hot as it has been in recent years, when there were streaks of thirty or forty days of 100 plus Fahrenheit weather. This year has been hot but humid – hey, the moisture from the melting ice caps has to […]

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July blooms in the native Texas “yarden”

“Yarden” of course, is a portmanteau coined by Agnes Plutino of Georgetown, TX, f

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All my weeds are wildflowers (I wish)

A couple of native plant species have begun to spread like weeds in the narrow area separating my subdivision plat from my neighbor’s house. Passiflora incarnata, or Purple Passionflower, has sprung up where a corkscrew passionflower vine used to be, and through rhizomes has managed to propagate itself all along the Southern side of the […]

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What a difference a year makes… for the better, this time.

After having managed to prevent the mowing down of a stand of wildflowers back in May, I had been busy bagging Centaurea melitensis (Maltese Star Thistle) from the berm between my house and the green belt, until last week, when I woke up Saturday morning with an excruciating pain which was diagnosed as a sciatic nerve […]