Lygodesmia texana - Skeleton-Plant

Lygodesmia texana – Skeleton-Plant

The Skeleton Plant gets its common name from the fact that it has little in the way of foliage, so its stem appears to be the bones of a skeleton-plant. Or so one would guess. This particular shot includes three – count em, three – different types of insects clustered about the flower.  Usually one has trouble getting one insect to stay still long enough to get a shot of it, but these three amigos went about their business with no apparent concern for each others’ presence on the same blossom. It usually blooms throughout the Spring and Summer (April through August), so at least that part of the picture is nothing unusual. This flower is a bit on the pale side, since the flowers usually range from Rose to Lavender in hue, and are often quite saturated as far as color goes. On the other hand, it has attracted three different potential pollinators (one assumes the insects might provide this service), so who are we to criticize?