Pavonia lasiopetala - rose pavonia

Pavonia lasiopetala – rose pavonia

Also known as Rock Rose and Rose Mallow, this Texas Native is an excellent alternative to hybrid roses and the like. It doesn’t require a lot  of care and feeding, is resistant to bugs and moderately unpalatable to deer. I’ve noticed deer coming off the greenbelt lately to nibble on the acorns inside the subdivision where I live – but none in my yard of native plants bordered by salvias in the front.  It is native to the Edwards Plateau, and prefers dry limestone soil locations, so this will grow best in the area of Williamson County that is west of Interstate 35.

It blooms from April through November, which is another of my criteria for choosing plants for my yard – they should be perennials and bloom for a long period of time – not just seasonal but cross-seasons.

And having come from Florida originally, I do enjoy that it so resembles a Hibiscus, as does the Turks Cap, another of my long blooming summertime favorites.