Tradescentia sp - Spiderwort

Tradescentia sp – Spiderwort

Here it is February 3, and the temperatures are reaching 70 degrees F. The Spiderworts are already starting to bloom, even though their usual bloom starts in March and lasts through April.   Will have to keep track of how long they stay in bloom. These are planted as a companion to Turk’s Cap – Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii which typically bloom from May through November. The leaves drop in the winter and generally the plants are trimmed to about 1 foot from the ground around mid-February. This year the winter has been so mild that the wood has not been killed down to the roots as it often is.  Call it climate change or call it global warming, but the plants are responding to their environment. And the Spiderworts are starting to bloom.