Pavonia lasiopetala - Rock Rose

Pavonia lasiopetala – Rock Rose

Also known as Rose Pavonia, Rose Mallow, and simply Pavonia, this small shrub is a member of the Mallow family. It blooms from April through November, and got started blooming a little earlier this year in March. Its pink flowers remind you of  Hibiscus, but unlike its cousin the Swamp Rose Mallow (found in swamps and ditches), this is found in rocky areas (thus the monicker “Rock Rose”) and slopes in woodlands and at the edge of thickets.

Also known by the scientific name of Pavonia wrightii, Rock Rose is a perennial shrub, with oblong alternating leaves, as seen here. It is drought tolerant and cold tolerant, and can handle full sun to partial shade conditions. It attracts butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds and is a good choice for a perennial garden, providing blooms throughout the summer.