Penstemon tenuis - Brazos Penstemon

Penstemon tenuis – Brazos Penstemon

Peucetia viridans, the green lynx spider, hangs out on one of the purple, bell-shaped blossoms of the Brazos or Gulf Coast Penstemon. The flowers grow on spikes reaching a mere foot to foot and a half in height. They thrive in moist soil and sun and partial shade, in both clay and sandy loam soils. Native to Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi, it can handle poor drainage. A good choice for a perennial garden, it can easily reseed itself and spread through the garden. It is attractive to hummingbirds and nectar feeding insects, which apparently also attracts predators like the spider shown above. Also known as Sharpsepal Beardtongue, the blooms begin in March and continue through June.