Note: This has been sitting around the drafts folder for quite a while – thought I would simply put it out there as is.

A rolling stone gathers no moss… But it’s the roving bee that brings home the honey, according to Muhammad Ali (to the best of my memory, although I can’t cite the original source for the quote), arguably the most recognizable celebrity with Parkinson’s Disease, next to Michael J Fox.

The wife cut down the Salvia farinacea for the winter, as all the old flowers seem to have been spent (most of them at least) and I spose the possibility of new blooms before the first frost kept me from staying her hand.

The bees will simply switch to the nearby Salvia greggii, which they appear to have already located as another dependable source of nectar.

And if you ask them “How does it feel to be on your own, with no direction home, …like a rolling stone?” they’ll just keep on buzzing, as if to say “How would I know?” And if a bumblebee stops and hovers near you in the garden, just be quiet and remain still. As soon as the bees determine that you are not a source of nectar, they will go about their business and ignore you. Of course it helps if you don’t wear floral perfumes or smear yourself with honey before going near the bees.

If you have Parkinson’s it helps to set the shutter speed on your camera to 1/500 of a second.- even with image stability built in to your DSLR, your photos might have a little bit of blurring. Some day I will have to go to using the tripod in order to reduce camera motion. But not yet.