Sonchus sp. – Sow Thistle

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Sonchus sp. - Sow Thistle

Sonchus sp. - Sow Thistle - click image for detail

Sow-Thistle grows from 1/2 to 2 ft. high. Originally introduced from Europe.

Photo taken at the future Blackland Heritage County Park site in Williamson County. This weed blossoms throughout the year, and is an annual rather than a perennial

Lamium amplexicaule part II

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Lamium amplexicaule

Lamium amplexicaule (click image for detail)

A closer look at the previous weed posting.

Lamium amplexicaule

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I rarely use an actual “weed” as a photo subject, since one of my slogans is “May all your weeds be wildflowers” and I don’t want to encourage the “wrong sort” of flowers. But it is raining and I have an excuse for not doing any hand weeding, so I took a picture of what is commonly known as Henbit. It’s a member of the mint family and is rather more attractive than St. Augustine or Bermuda grass, but that won’t help it escape being considered a noxious weed among the turf grasses. Oh well…

Lamium amplexicaule - Henbit

Lamium amplexicaule - Henbit (Click for detail)

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